Daily life at our bustling studio means we rarely pause to consider the incredible journey that Art4Space has embarked upon over the past 24 years and the strides we’ve made as a community. We prefer to keep our sights firmly set on the future, as there’s always more to achieve. But today, I wanted to take a moment to step back and reflect on the impact we’ve created together as a community.

When Julie founded Art4Space in 1999, she was driven by the belief that creativity is a powerful tool for change, capable of fostering well-being and bridging social gaps. Central to our mission is the creation of accessible avenues for self-expression, well-being, and community cohesion. 

Art4Space has launched an extensive range of community arts initiatives over the years that have provided over 40,000 individuals from some of the most deprived areas of Lambeth with cost-free therapeutic art sessions. As a NOCN training centre, we annually certify approximately 200 people. Collaborating with more than 1500 primary school students each year, we bring the joy of art to young minds. In 2019, we launched our innovative social prescribing programme, teaming up with GP surgeries to provide vital assistance to vulnerable adults with mental health challenges, reaching a substantial 800+ participants to date. From its inception, Art4Space has been more than a creative space; it’s been a haven for community growth.

These community initiatives are funded through a combination of fundraising efforts and the activities we run, such as classes, courses, and commissions – which generate revenue that goes directly into these essential projects, ensuring their continuous growth and reach.

As we reflect on 24 years of transformation, we’re fueled by the knowledge that there’s still so much ahead. Currently, we’re creating a visionary 10-year roadmap to fortify sustainability and nurture accountability. Already an ethical trailblazer, we’re crafting a blueprint aligning community commitment with measurable key performance indicators and ethical strategies to weave impact into operations. Our mission as a Community Interest Company (CIC – more commonly known as ‘social enterprise’): is to embed sustainability deeply for enduring growth to propel our community impact forward. 

Our focus remains on uniting communities, fostering growth, and amplifying positive change. It’s a journey we take together with you, our community, grounded in the understanding that change is not just possible, it’s necessary.

Discover the stories of transformation that have unfolded within our creative haven. 

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