I rarely sense the divine more closely than when I’m gardening, and so, contributing to the
garden at Art4Space is a real blessing to me.

The garden has been developed over this spring and summer growing vegetables, fruit and flowers. We follow organic and sustainable growing principles including composting our kitchen and garden waste.

We are already planning for next year and want to:
○ Increase our growing space by maximising vertical growth up trellis and on walls.
○ Grow a selection of herbs that we use for teas, like mint & camomile, for use in the
○ Find ways that allow children & young people to contribute to, and learn from the garden.
○ Grow a selection of small plants that can be sold with ceramic containers.
○ Make some bug hotels to increase biodiversity and potential for pollination.

We’ve grown, rocket, basil, kale, spinach, chard, courgette, tomatoes and a variety of herbs and
flowers. We’re always open to receive cuttings and plants, for example a volunteer from Creative
Surgery brought some sedum and strawberry plants that are now establishing themselves; the
strawberries have already propagated!

Gardening has long been recognised as a metaphor for the spiritual path through life. At this
time of year what resonates for me are the hidden seeds, apparently lifeless buried deep in the
dark, cold soil. With no outward sign of life, the seeds wait for the right conditions to germinate
and once again the sacred cycle begins.

From this I take solace, that things happen when the time and conditions are right, and for this I
need patience. So when I’m feeling low, I can take a little gardening medicine and attempt to
improve the conditions in which the plants & I thrive.



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