Introduction to Art4Space:


Julie and Eli’s presentation at The British Association for Modern Mosaic – BAMM forum at Kings’ College in 2018

St Mary of the Angels, April 2017

Upton Cross Primary School, November 2018, London’s largest school mosaic:

Connecting Stockwell at London Live News
, August 2016:

Birds Fly to Africa project. May 2015

Echo your sport. May 2015

Speeded up video Art4Space project. December 2014. Jamie San

Peoples Art Prize. What is community art? November 2014

‘Dreams of Stockwell’ February 2014. Art4Space testimonial January film 2014.

Art4Space testimonial film – March 2014

Art4Space testimonial film – uncut November 2013

Have your project documented by our community film maker, Helen Omand (

Lambeth Voluntary Action Council-LVAC: Artist interview. Summer 2009.

Lambeth Quilt Our Quilt: Community art project. January 2010.

My Memories: Community art project. Helen Omand. September 2007.

Elephant Parade: Public art event. Summer 2010.

Nuttall Park Hackney: A combined community arts project. Helen Omand. Summer 2007.


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