Collaborate on mutual projects

Give your pupils the chance to collaborate on a mutual project that will directly enhance their school environment. Facilitated by experienced artists, the pupils work together organising ideas and making artistic decisions. The children’s drawings are directly transferred into mosaic, painted murals or sculpture.

Curricular topics can be integrated into the theme.

Our workshops include displays, books, mosaic samples, an excellent range of materials, project camera (for pupils to document work) and stimulating teaching.

See our presentation:
Stockwell Primary School

We also do Wellbeing Walls. Have a look here.

What the kids have said:

It was great doing a mosaic for our playground, I see it every playtime
Tara year 5

I loved smashing the tiles best!
Josh year 6

I really enjoyed the design workshops best as we were coming up with ideas for our mural. The drawing exercises were fun!”
Evie year 4

Incorporating the handmade ceramic pieces into the mosaic makes it tactile, plus our younger children could be involved in the clay making which they found extremely therapeutic

Art4Space projects in schools: