Volunteer with Art4Space

Come and get involved by volunteering at our studios and experience an excellent way of gaining new skills and hands on experience. 

Creative Surgery

This is our weekly volunteer session held on Tuesdays between 1 and 5pm.
Please get in touch with our Volunteer Manager volunteer@art4space.co.uk if you have any questions or would like to join.

What we can offer:

Help out at our arts studio – general tasks.

Volunteer your time on our community art projects – often mosaic.

Help write references, support with funding and applications.

Discuss a creative idea with us or a project you need help with.

Once registered you will also join our Supporters database where you will receive our newsletter and access our signposting service: To connect and inspire people to strengthen their communities.

Interested? Get in touch; volunteer@art4space.co.uk.

What some of our volunteers have said:

Below are some quotes from our 6 month volunteer placements.

Sarah Klymkiw
‘I embarked on a voluntary placement with Art4Space to understand the process of running a successful community arts organisation and to support my experience of running creative workshops. I was welcomed with open arms into an organisation that not only offers creative opportunities to local people, but nurtures those relationships and tailors projects to suit their abilities and needs. My background is in fashion and textiles yet I found ceramics and mosaic to be a therapeutic medium that I thoroughly enjoyed working with and will continue to work with in the future. During my time at Art4Space I was allowed to see the development of several projects from designing to installation, work on a marketing campaign, understand the process of funding applications, and plan workshops. I hope to continue my relationship with Art4Space and work/collaborate on projects in the future’.

Meghan Heinl
‘The best time of my life!’

‘Over the duration of my 6month placement at Art4Space, I gained invaluable experience of a small community organisation, and the work they carry out.  This ranged from mosaics and workshops in the centre and on outreach, community events and fundraising. The skills and experience from the placement have put in the best situation possible for my future projects and I am very thankful to Julie and Eli who made it a fun and enjoyable time.’ 


Below are comments from people who have volunteered with Art4Space.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the short time I spent with you and fellow volunteers. I believe what you are doing – providing the space for communities to come together in an inspiring and creative environment – is so important. I hope you will re-start the volunteer programme next year as it provides an opportunity for like-minded people to give something back to local communities’
Sue Swain.

‘I’ve really enjoyed coming along to the volunteer sessions at Art4space. It has been great to learn more about the process of mosaicing and Julie, Eli and other volunteers are really encouraging and supportive of the work the volunteers do and make people feel very welcome and comfortable. It is wonderful to be part of community projects and to work with, and meet different people every week. It is so important that centres such as these remain within communities as they are integral to the growth of social harmony and are wonderful environments for young people to become immersed in something positive and inspiring. Art4space does exactly that and much more’
Lily Bodoh .

‘I enjoyed volunteering at Art4Space throughout the last year. I felt that I could make a small contribution to the large mosaic/ ceramic installations and that this was definitely appreciated. The staff and other volunteers in the studio were always welcoming and friendly. There was a positive atmosphere, interesting conversation and lots of cups of tea! Jewels and Eli responded to what the individual volunteer wanted to do and was capable of. Within the framework of the overall piece you were able to interpret things in your own way and each time it was a challenge it was not just mechanically ‘painting by numbers’. Actually I think this helps to make their installations so vibrant and lively. I would recommend volunteering at Art4Space to anyone who felt the need to be visually creative. I always came away from the studio with a feeling of satisfaction
Laura .

‘Although I have Lived in Stockwell most of my life, I have never found anywhere to get involved locally within the arts and volunteering. Since coming to Art4space I have found a community around the corner where I can use my creativity to help others. Through Art4Space I have worked with my community that I had always felt outside from, doing projects involving the local neighbourhood including Stockwell festival, workshops, art auction etc. Art4Space is a warm and welcoming environment, a safe and inspiring place to come where we work together and feel part of a team both socially and creatively. In all my years in Stockwell I have never found anywhere like this, a real gem in London. My father who has had a stroke has been welcomed with open arms on Art4Space volunteer days. He thoroughly enjoys it and gives my mother (his carer) a break as she knows he’s in a safe place. I have met and worked with volunteers from all walks of life and worked with all ages and feel supported, encouraged and inspired. Everyone is treated like a friend. I personally have been through some tough times lately with unemployment and depression, Art4Space has been a haven to lift me out of my doldrums, I come here to relax and always leave uplifted
Anonymous .

‘Art4Space gives me many opportunities to improve my skills and experience in teaching and assistant teaching in art. It also gives me great chances to explore the age groups I would eventually want to teach as I want to get on a teacher training course. I have great fun, times and experiences working with the members of the local communities and also the volunteers and members of Art4space. Art4Space has given me a channel that has consequently given me chances to meet, know and understand the people of my local communities and also make new friends. I think this is important. Fun colour and art skills is what Art4Space provides for the local communities and others in Lambeth and I wish them a great future in both being beneficial to and serving the communities’
Anonymous .

‘Gives a space for people of all ages to work together on creative projects

Offers a unique artist led environment for stimulating new ideas bringing the community together’.

Takes people of different skills and experience and brings out their artistic ideas’.

‘Acts as a base for workshops for different groups (schools, youth and older people) to make mosaics and other artworks for the local area’ .

‘My name is Adolpho Formoso born in Brazil and live in the UK since 1992. I have lived in Pathmore Estate since 1999, which is 10 minutes from the Art4Space community arts centre. I have been involved with Art4Space since April 2010. I don’t have many friends in this area despite living here for 10 years. I think Eli and Julie give me many opportunities to improve my artistic skills. I was a student at Lambeth College, Shadwell Centre and Morley College, but I have to say none of them has given me as many opportunities as Art4Space. Why? Art4Space is a nice, small environment where we learn practical things. I am dyslexic and I hate paper work, theory and overcrowded classes. In Art4Space the classes are not more than 8 people. I am happy doing voluntary work for them and if I have money I will help them to remain in the building and transform this place into a practical school where students can learn new artistic skills. London is full of ‘commercial’ schools where they don’t care about the quality of learning, where people are only a number.  Art4Space remind me of the renaissance time where people learn with a master in a practical way to learn new skills for life. It’s about quality not quantity’ .


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