Creative Music Workshop

A creative workshop to allow people a moment to pause and reflect, guided by live performance of classical music.
This workshop will be led by the fantastic soprano opera singer Christine Cunnold and supported by Art4Space.

Music has the power to resonate with us in ways we might not have expected. In fact, music
can be viewed as a fundamental channel of communication, providing a means by which
emotions and ideas can be expressed, communicated, and shared, even when
communicating by language may be impossible (Hargreaves et al. 2005).

These workshops are designed to allow people a moment to pause and reflect while listening to beautiful music. It can be difficult to know how to start expressing ourselves, but music takes us on a journey through each song and over the course of the recital. It encourages us to react and develops the more the listener engages. Listeners will be encouraged to express their reactions on paper whilst the music continues around them. They may react to a turn of phrase or a change in the melody, choosing to write down words, paint a picture or an abstract drawing. Listening and reacting together will create a sense of togetherness, a shared experience.

“A recent study found that as little as two hours a week of creative activity enhances mental wellbeing”
(Davies, Knuiman and Rosenberg 2016).

This is different from a normal concert as both the performers and listeners are creating – a bond linking everyone together.
We can come to your organisation or you come to our stunning community art centre in Stockwell. Dates can be arranged to fit your convenience. These workshops can be tailored to any group size. Wonderful for any company or business setting.


  • Bronze – From £550
    A three-hour one-off workshop with Singer, Pianist and Artist
    – 45 minutes of music and creative time
    – A short break – time to gather thoughts
    – 45 minutes to share with the group and reflect
    – 30 minutes secondary music and creative time
  • Silver – From £1150
    A series of four workshops lasting an hour each
    – Each session will include 40 minutes of music and creative time, followed by time to share with the group and reflect
    – At the final session, participants will have the opportunity to consider, through their creations and reactions, how their thoughts have developed over the weeks.
  • Gold – From £1850
    A series of four workshops lasting an hour each, with a brand new piece of art created by professional artist
    – The series of workshops will work the same as in Silver
    – On the final workshop participants will be given the opportunity to offer their work to the artist who will use the work to create a new work of art.
    – The new work of art can then be displayed for both participants and members of the public to view. This can be expanded to create an exhibition containing both the new work of art alongside some works offered by the participants.
    – A uniquely tailored opening for such a new work can be unveiled at drinks reception alongside a short concert.

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