Art in A Box

Art4Space share their magic and 20 years experience in a box. Bringing creativity and wellbeing into the lives of children and families in a time of isolation.

We have limited funding to pilot this idea to a few schools but would love to roll the concept out to more schools in need. Teachers tell us that capacity and materials are stretched for school budgets, therefore if you can sponsor a box it will help towards our mission to empower the children and strengthen communities through education in the arts and wellbeing.

Each box is packed full of materials to run several lessons in each discipline such as drawing, clay, mosaic, painting, sculpture, textiles, collage, designing and so much more! They will last a long time and advice about ‘top up resources’ given. ‘Art in a Box’ come with teaching cards including lesson plans, stretch and challenge, extension activities, wellbeing task, illustrations and inspiring quotes.

Current funders:

Youth Fund UK- 6 school boxes.

Arts Council – 4 school boxes, 5 group and 5 individual boxes

Lambeth Community Fund – 25 individual boxes

Lambeth Match Fund – 25 individual boxes

National Lottery Community Fund – 25 Individual boxes, 10 group boxes

Sir Walter Fund – 10 individual boxes

Social Enterprise Fund – 50 individual boxes

Children in Need – 12 individual boxes

NBC Universal – 12 individual boxes

Julie , managing director of Art4Space says: “In these unprecedented times ‘Art in a Box’ gives space for arts to have a meaningful place to create, connect and inspire” and Eli Seath, business director says “we have worked hard to establish a solution for good quality art provision when all resources are stretched beyond imagination and we know through our 20 year experience how powerful the arts is to comfort unease”

A teacher from a local school says: “We cannot wait to receive our box because materials are scarce at the moment in our school and shortage of teachers which means we are planning on our feet as new emergencies emerge. ‘Art in a Box’ will help children find creativity and calm during these unsettling times. Thanks so much Art4Space for initiating this idea!”

See full presentation: Art in a Box Contact Managing Director Julie Norburn; / 07816 386270 if your business wants to help!


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