Creative Culture Club

Creative Culture Club’ is an arts award accredited 5 week course for children and young people. These workshops are focused on wellbeing and reflective practice, delivered by tutors with over 20 years of experience to help young people access creative freedom. During these sessions we cover a range of art mediums including clay, mosaic, sculpture, painting and design.
All sessions are with the same group of children per course. We find a cohort of 8-12 works well. Timing is 1-2 hours to suit.

Arts Award Discover accreditation.

£1000.00 per 5-week course per school. 

This cost covers all materials, and the school’s partnership with Art4Space including referrals and monitoring.

QUOTES from the children

‘I have been learning about well-being’

‘My meditation tree is full of blossoms and has birds living in it’

‘I’m most grateful for Art4Space’

‘I feel better when I am doing art’


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