The Work of the Art4Space during the Covid19 Pandemic

We are so grateful for your support during 2020 from individuals to funders. It has been invaluable and will have a tremendous impact on the people we support. If you’ve had the opportunity be creative this year and found it nurtured your spirit, please consider the impact of what a donation to Art4Space can do. Art can change lives and your donation will surely have a bigger ripple effect than you can imagine.

Many groups now face financial crisis in the wake of funding cuts, just as demand for their services is increasing.

  • 78% of local groups are expecting an increase in demand for services over the next 12 months
  • Only 18% feel sufficiently resourced to deal with this demand
  • 76% of local groups have seen a reduction in staff
  • Fewer than half of groups are optimistic of their 5 year survival.

Here are ways you can support Art4Space

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