Working for Art4Space has been a very nurturing environment that supported me whilst enabling me to learn new skills to take into the future, including mosaic, using the kiln, as well as working relationships with clients of high needs. Art4Space has given me a lot more confidence in going forward as a freelancer to expand into other jobs of a similar kind. I’ve enjoyed coming into such a sunny and friendly atmosphere that the studio and lodge space provides and always put at ease by all staff. As well as the studio space it has also given me a much greater awareness of community projects, centres and great things going on around the area which has been really touching to see.
I want to thank the whole team for making me feel so welcome, and would 
recommend Art4Space to everyone!
Hannah Jose, October 2021

Children’s feedback about Art in A Box March 2020: 

  • My favourite bit was the mosaic. He said he feels calm when he’s doing the activities and I
     can see that he becomes focused and absorbed in the activity. I’m really impressed with the quality of the resources and the activity cards are really helpful for giving Harry a starting point. I’ve been surprised at how selfmotivated he’s been about doing the warmup activities and they have helped put him in the right mindset for the engaging with the activity suggestions on the card. Thanks again for providing the box, we’ll continue to make use of it over the summer holidays.
  • My art box has helped me to relax and feel like I am still at school. I love it. The mosaic I made all by myself using my art box! P.S: Thank you for the art box I can’t wait to use my key ring on my school bag when I can come back to school.
  • It helps me a lot to get me busy and have fun drawing. I haven’t really discovered everything yet but when I do, I know it will be fun. This is my best and favourite work so far and I’m soon going to do another 3D drawing, so I’m just waiting to see how it goes then I will send it to you. I have loved having different things to choose from at home.


We have been lucky to have two interventions from ‘Art4Space’ this year which has had a fundamental impact on the children that participated. The children that engaged were referred because they had struggled during lockdown with family upheaval, or they had found returning to school a challenge. These workshops gave the children an opportunity to explore their feelings, as well as strategies to support their well-being and options of who they could talk to if anxious or worried.

As a result, all they children moved forward with their emotional intelligence. Whilst engaging with a range of creative and varied media that meant they came to the sessions enthusiastic, anticipating the what the new opportunity would be. One child who is frequently late for school attended on time for all but one of the sessions. This is unheard of for him. He is often disaffected from his learning however he became really enthused.

Another child experiencing a marital breakdown at home, really struggled with his relationship with girls in his class. He was consistently angry with them describing one as his nemesis. He constantly left school complaining to his family that negative events had happened in the school, that teachers hated him and seemed completely miserable. These sessions gave him an outlet. His artwork was negative, often offensive about members of his class. However, it gave him a space to express himself and opened a line of communication. He completed the first group of sessions, building a relationship with his teacher at the end of the first intervention, and supported a new communication with classmates. His defences started to come down.  The sessions ended with him stating that “Art4Space was the best thing about school!” He had not said a positive comment before.

Jackie Grieve (Art & Design Subject Leader- Herbert Morrison Primary School) Creative Culture Club 2020


I love it at Art4Space, i love the people and what it’s about. Everybody is so supportive of one another and we all want each other to do well and be the best at what we do. It’s more than an art studio it’s a support system and feels like family. When I started, I suffered from anxiety and depression and I remember feeling so proud of myself for joining and feeling encouraged! You walk in the studios and all your worries are forgotten. It’s helped me grow confident and realise what I am capable of and its through the supportive and caring people who run and are part of Art4Apace. I’ll always be grateful to Art4Space. And I don’t know where I’d be without it.
Then volunteer now staff member Charlotte Lemar, December 2020


I have found being at Art4Space literally a life saver, being able to find the creativity within myself that I thought was lost forever after major illness a few years ago and the problems that have come from that. It has been for me the best thing that has happened in a very long time, I feel safe at Art4Space- I can immerse myself in whatever activity I am doing and forget the outside world for that time, being able to see people and talk to them is just the best, otherwise I am just alone. I have managed to be able to do some personal projects at home and now volunteer weekly at Art4Space, for me I feel supported and have some relief when I am there.
Maria Chirambo, Accredited training courses for women November 2020


 I get really distracted at home – coming here every week for 2 hours gives me time to work uninterrupted

I feel really safe here

It’s such an inspiring place to be

Art4Space have a lot of really strong connections and so I hope they can support me to further my career

Training for young people Elevate project March 2021


Art4Space- has been a special experience / a wonderful – a place where I can be myself and creative, I can take my time and a it’s a nice place to have conversations , friendly, interaction , not having to be perfect, – it’s quite a messy process – which is a challenge for me.

I think that this is a great place for anyone who is interested in mosaic and is struggling with their mental health and needs to get away from their own thoughts and troubles.
Francesca Lombardi Therapeutic sessions September 2021


Can I just act on behalf of everyone at Allen Edwards, your Windrush Tapestry was more than we could have imagined. It is going to look wonderful on display in our all. Thanks you so so much.
Nicola Harris, Deputy head Allen Edwards school October 2021

Coming to the mosaics therapeutic support course  at Art4space has been a life line for me. I feel very blessed  to have been given the opportunity to attend this for many years now and each week it feels like entering a little place in paradise for a couple of hours . The happy, bright, cheerful ,warm and welcoming  surroundings and empathetic teachers are a world away from my usual lonely and dark days at home. There is even a tranquil garden and a cosy “me-time” shed should  you  wish to have some peace and quiet or have a heart to heart chat with the kind , understanding Eli or Julie who will  try their utmost best to support  you with anything that might be troubling you. And in the midst of this wonderful  atmosphere you  can develop your  creative and artistic skills and end up with artwork that  you can feel  proud of.

This course  allows you to engage in a rewarding activity, in a safe , super friendly and supportive environment. I could not wish for better!
Nina Bauer, Therapeutic sessions October 2021


Hope has said that Ellie is her favourite and she wants more sessions with her. She loves the sessions because it feels like Ellie understands more and won’t push anything. I need to figure out a way to do more as she LOVES her Friday half an hour.
Hope’s mum Therapeutic art intervention December 2021


December Open Studio 2021 feedback:

Greetings Sisters of Art4Space, I like to thank for getting me through last year, your time and care meant a lot – keep up the good work. ~
Bro Clem

It keeps my sanity together.
Creative Enterprise

I don’t know where I would be without Art4Space.
Therapeutic sessions

This place is my life-line.
Therapeutic sessions

Your staff are all so lovely and professional, so you know how lucky you are?

This work is incredible, I feel emotional reading the statements.
Creative Community Champions exhibition

I have never known a place that is so caring and nurturing for my soul
Creative Surgery

My kids did the summer workshops and haven’t stop talking about them

I feel at home here and want to do everything! It has seriously saved my life
Course participant

I have just got a job and would not have done this without Ellie’s course
Creative Remedies

You changed Leonardo’s life
Previous participant – carer

I didn’t realise you had such a big team, all working behind the scenes to pull it together 
Previous volunteer

The products for sale tonight are amazing, I’ve bought over £100 worth
Local Councilor


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