As the year comes to a close, Julie takes a moment to reflect on the past
twelve months and shares a message with you:

In 2023, Art4Space experienced a significant year of change, continuity, and
creativity. Following Eli’s resignation in 2022, I took on the role of solo director,
navigating the path forward for the company. With unwavering commitment
and the collective efforts of our team, we have continued to thrive and provide
both established and exciting new innovative services.

One notable change was the process of refreshing our communications, which
has allowed us to effectively connect with our audience. Additionally,
Art4Space was chosen by Lambeth for the Future Connected Leadership
Programme, providing me with valuable opportunities to work towards our
longer-term strategic plan and ensure the legacy of Art4Space is future-
proofed through expanded opportunities.

Furthermore, this year marks the opening of our new space dedicated to
textiles and upcycling, reflecting our commitment to sustainable futures
shaped by young people. We are excited to provide a platform for creativity
and environmental consciousness.

Overall, 2023 has been a transformative year for Art4Space, marked by
resilience, growth, and continued dedication to our mission. We look forward
to the future with optimism and enthusiasm as we continue to make a positive
impact in our community.


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