This week I have spent time near the sea,
Driving through the windy roads that create green tunnels that you only see outside of London,

It has reminded me of the importance of taking a step back, outside of the hustle and bustle of the city.

A small reminder of the fact we are on a rock hurtling through space spinning around a star that is a ball of burning fire.

Gosh what it is to be here; feeling the waves crash against the rocks. To see plants growing in anticipation of the summer sun.

To breathe and take time to look at the stars that glisten in the now. Although at this very moment, the stars fire has long diminished. We are still able to see it’s power through its sparkling spot of light in the sky.

This post feels less of a blog, as I feel the grass between my toes. It’s a reminder of the wonder and complexity of existence. Take the moment now to feel it.

It’s so easily forgotten.


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