I’m Lucie, one of the studio assistants at Art4space. I came to Art4Space in 2020, fresh out of education and a retail job, having had no prior experience in the arts industry or community works. I started out as a Kickstarter apprentice at Art4Space, and was given training over the course of six months.

It’s been very rewarding getting into community art. I’ve had the privilege of experiencing a bit of everything Art4Space have to offer. It’s given me a unique perspective on how the power of art can bring people together, and how it can be used to create real and positive changes in our local areas and peoples’ lives.

One of my recent works for the company has been to create some mosaic boards with mottos that I feel reflect what I have learnt from my time here, and the ideals that Art4Space upholds

Art is a human right, we should always have access to it. It provides a platform for self-expression and the exploration of different perspectives, ideas and emotions. Art allows people to connect on a deeper level, fostering empathy and understanding between different cultures and backgrounds. The power of art can heal, inspire and educate. It has the potential to challenge the status quo and bring attention to important social issues.

The world needs art more than ever. It is not only a reflection of our society, but also a catalyst for change and progress. Its ability to create a shared experience that transcends language, nationality and ideology, unites us all. Whether young or old, and no matter what experience you may have, working in community, art can be eye opening. My advice is to take the leap and get involved in any way you can. The rewards are well worth the effort. Plus if you’re already working in this field, keep up the great work, and remember that your efforts are making a real difference in people’s lives.


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