As the year is coming to an end, I’ve grabbed myself a cuppa and a few moments to reflect on some key moments. Someone recently asked me ‘why I do what I do?’. I scrabbled an answer together, but found it difficult because the question is so vast and abstract in many ways, plus 2022 has been extremely demanding and at times I’ve personally felt the stress and overwhelm; the financial impact of Covid, co-director’s resignation, handovers, restructure, new staff and training. But of course this comes with exciting prospects and changes too. We end the year with a team stronger than ever and a collective vision for 2023 with many projects and programmes lined-up. Plus keeping our hopes for several submitted funding bids which await decisions. If successful, our focus is developing our youth social hub.

So going back to the question ‘why I do what I do?’, my answer is around running a community arts centre which comes with huge responsibility, but how I love to create opportunities and activities promoting well-being, cultural understanding, and social integration and these are just a few of the many ways community projects can improve the lives of those involved. Especially important for those who might otherwise have more limited opportunities, whether from lower income backgrounds, people with disabilities, or anyone who might find themselves on the outskirts of society or social spaces – and are a significant part of the lives of many people in our local areas.

That’s why Art4Space is an important home for local culture, social gatherings, creativity and learning, and it has been this for its 22 years running. The social impact of participation in the arts contributes to social cohesion, by developing networks , understanding and injects creativity into lives for social change and a strengthened cultural life. I see it every day. That’s why I do what I do!

We are currently pulling our annual report together and will be sharing soon. A chance to deep-dive into a reflective space again and celebrate and share all that was achieved.


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