We hope you are keeping well in these difficult times.
We are aware the Omicron variant restrictions and other safety concerns, maybe impacting your decision to engage with our courses and services.
We are following guidelines and update regularly, and any changes that may occur as a result of new restrictions, we have options in place.
E.g: transfer to on-line learning, smaller groups etc. We look forward to continuing and flourishing in 2022 and would like to give a special thank you to all our partners and supporters for helping us through the last 2 Covid years.

Please take a lateral flow test before you attend anything at our studio and do not come in if you have symptoms. 

Making Art4Space Safe

Here are the key things that we are doing to make Art4Space Covid-secure based on guidelines from the government.

  • We have decreased capacity to 50% our pre-Covid capacity. Tables and working areas are spaced out.
  • We have fewer classes and workshops and longer turnaround times between services.
  • Doors will be kept open for maximum air circulation.
  • We will be doing tests/ checks on all our staff.
  • We are taking details for track and trace.
  • Face coverings are mandatory in the studio and communal areas, though not if your workshop is in the garden or are exempt
  • We will sanitise all touch points and handles continuously throughout the day and sanitise equipment.
  • Studios will be rigorously cleaned and disinfected daily.


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