We catch up with our Freelance Artist, Charlotte.

What do you do at art4space and what’s the best thing about Art4Space?
I am a freelance artist, mainly in charge of the design and making of the popular mosaic birds that go into the shop, I also help on  projects and installs.  The best thing about Art4Space is getting to be creative and how supportive everyone is to one another.
How do your days usually start?

A typical day at Art4Space starts by opening up the studio and seeing what needs to be done, for me that’s mainly regarding the mosaic birds and finding unique pieces for them and coming up with designs.

Do you have a personal tip for keeping well in lockdown?
Try and do something that brings you joy at least once a day, I find it helps to shift focus on the current situation, especially if you’re feeling a bit deflated in these uncertain times.
Anything discovered that you would recommend?
Take up the hobby you always wanted to do but never got time to!
I have taken up roller-skating, something I have always been interested in, its good for exercise for balance and the core which makes me feel good.

What is your favourite home lockdown lunch?
I tend to skip meals some days which is naughty of me, but my lunch usually consists of leftover dinner from night before can be anything from bolognaise to tuna pasta.

Are you working on any creative projects?
I’m working on a new batch of 20 birds for the Art4Space shop, also custom makes and few other projects at the studio, including some personal ones as well… So I’m quite busy!

How do you relax in lockdown?
As a mum of 3 it’s something I don’t get to do very much, but when I do, it’s just nice getting to sit and watch a film or series uninterrupted.

Who would you give a shout out to and why?
I’d like to shout out to myself, not something I’d ever do, but this year has been so defining for me on a whole, especially being a single parent in lockdown! So I guess I’d also shout out to all women and mothers everywhere (single or not); we go through a lot and we’re all doing great!


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