Outreach Workshops

At Art4space we run a wide variety of workshops designed to involve and support our local community, this involves coming into community centres, public event days or festivals, and providing children with an after-school club held at our Stockwell studio. These workshops can take form in all kinds of activity; covering a huge range of materials including recycled art, withy, clay, painting, or textiles, etc. 

We work flexibly to suit youth club activities or projects involving older people, and are happy to tailor your day after how long you want the workshop; by hours, half day and whole day workshop.

As well as tailoring to the individual, we also offer community consultation packages. The goal here is to produce creative and effective ways to generate ideas from the community; from input in a new park development or to feed into new planning ideas.


Ceramic Sessions

The ceramic sessions are for all ages. The pupils will create their own tiles for the mural, creating shapes and imprinting with different objects and text blocks and creating relief sections. The pupils will then paint their tiles with glazes ready for firing. This can be done with whole classes in their normal classroom environment.


The mosaic sessions will be carried out with year 4 and above, incorporating the ceramic pieces and following the designs done by the children. The children will come to us in groups of 8-10.

Other art forms

We can do workshops in drawing, tie-dye, sewing, etc. Just let us know and we can see if it’s possible or not.

What people have said

“We were lucky enough to have Julie and her team in from Art4Space yesterday to mosaic our 2 elephants for elephant parade 2010. The reason for this is to tell you how great they were, although the complete elephants very clearly speak for themselves. Julie and the team worked so hard with the boys and then stayed on till 6pm to finish up. It was a wonderful day and they deserve a massive reward for how hard they worked and how much they really cared about my boys and the project as a whole”
Charlotte at Romford boys school.

“Art4Space offer unique workshops, an artist led environment for stimulating new ideas bringing the community together. They take people of different skills and experience and bring out their artistic ideas
Hannah Miller 

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