Before you call us

Please take a few moments to consider the following questions. They may help you to develop and focus your project.

  • Do you have a theme?
  • Do you want the artwork to say something e.g. local residents’ wishes for the redevelopment of a park?
  • What about subtle themes such as energy, motion, sound and light, or more specific ones such as animals, nature, countries or festivals?
  • What medium will your artwork involve?
  • Will it be mosaic or a painted mural?
  • Will it encompass a sculptural feature or garden?
  • Where is the artwork going to go? If you are not sure then jot down some sites and we will help you decide on which will be the most appropriate.
  • Will it be an interior or exterior artwork?
  • When would you like the project to take place?
  • Remember for artwork that is to be sited outside, all mosaic and mural work takes place indoors, then the artists will install it outside. So our projects are not weather dependant – they can happen all year round!

Please contact Jewels Norburn at Art4Space to discuss your project.
Tel: 020 8766 7163
Mob: 07816 386270


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