Focus Engagement Group

The  Focus Engagement Group (FEG) will meet every 4 months to shape and strengthen our services.


This focus group is a small-group meetings that give employees, volunteers and service users an opportunity to interact with the two directors about our services, company leadership and other matters creating an environment to voice opinions. The purpose is to effect positive changes or open up about changes that would make Art4Space more enjoyable, sustainable and productive.


Help us brainstorm, come up with new ideas, co-create new products and promotion strategies with us, design new arts events and experiences or create new opportunities that we have never even thought of. Anything you need to voice! The facilitator (one of the Art4space directors) will encourage open discussion and exchange. The findings will be incorporated into our business plan and strategic planning.


Managing Director – Julie Norburn

Business Director – Elinor Seath

Three Non-Executive Directors – Paul Hague, Nina Knight and Giselle Corincigh

Staff and Volunteers

Young Ambassadors

Service Users

Be our community art ambassadors and be part of  the Art4Space team! We appreciate and need your input.

Email Julie if you would like the invite!


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