Values and History


Art4Space was formed by a group of three artists and teachers, Julie Norburn, Elinor Seath and Danielle Lees-Smith.
The group identified the need to extend the use of community arts to address social, educational and health issues. In 1999 the three partners brought their skills and knowledge together to work on a collaborative art project with the pupils to create a mural for a playground in a School in Kingston. The success of this project and the drive of the three partners led to the beginnings of Art4Space supported by a grant from the Prince’s Trust to help with business start- up costs.

During the first years of the business Art4Space focused on school projects, running participatory workshops for the pupils creating mosaics and painted murals for their playground. At this time the competitive market was small. Art4Space built up a strong reputation and developed the skills and knowledge which formed the basis of the unique style of Art4Space. Art4Space ‘Create, Connect. Inspire.

In 2001 Art4Space joined Stockwell Studios, an artist collective. This gave Art4Space a base to operate from. Being part of the collective opened up further development opportunities and it was the start of Art4Space becoming embedded in the Stockwell community. Between 2001 and 2009 Art4Space built up their portfolio of work and developed a strong 10 year working relationship with Canalside Housing Partnership in Hackney, running community art projects for their residents whilst a major regeneration of the estates was taking place.

In 2009 Art4Space moved into a larger studio and set up a Community Arts Centre, this transformed the business as we were now able to run workshops in our own space and develop our own programme of activities as well as continuing our outreach work.
We celebrated our 10 year anniversary; it was a proud moment for us and a great opportunity to get old clients and service users together.
In 2011 Art4Space set up as a NOCN (National Open College Network) Centre and developed a course funded by The Walcot Foundation in ‘Employability and Community Art’ a free course for unemployed, low income, Lambeth residents. This was the largest grant received by Art4Space and marked a move for the business into more sustainable funding.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports can be found here:
Annual report 2020

Annual report 2019


This is a framework for all of us to use – staff, volunteers and service users. It will promote consistency for all of us with shared values and behaviours. We can use this for recruitment, change and improvement, setting standards, appraisal and feedback performance.


  • I see everyone as an individual and have a warm approachable manner to help put people at ease.
  • I take time to listen and understand each person’s need.
  • I explain my role and inform about projects in hand.
  • I take responsibility for safety in my environment.
  • I share information appropriately and work with others to ensure the best outcome.
  • I respect peoples creativity and decision making and try and help where I can.


  • I take pride and see myself as a representative of Art4Space.
  • I do what is required and encourage others to do the same.
  • I focus attention on detail in my work and take time to check that what I do is accurate.
  • I am persistent and see the task through to the end.
  • I regularly review what I do and how I do it to improve my personal performance.
  • I take personal responsibility for my own learning.


  • I treat others how I would like to be treated myself.
  • I am aware of and take responsibility for how my attitude and emotions can affect other people.
  • I understand that people are different. I pay attention to their different needs so that everyone is treated fairly.
  • I listen to other people’s opinions and put my own views forward in a constructive way.
  • I turn up on time, participate in the given activity and ensure working practices and environment is inspirational, clean and tidy.
  • I help and support my colleagues so that we work well together as a team to achieve our goals.


  • I get involved in decisions and suggest improvements to the way we do things.
  • I frequently ask for, listen to and accept feedback to improve my day-to-day performance.
  • I take ownership for resolving problems that I encounter in my work.
  • I am flexible and adapt my ways of working when needed.
  • I am keen to learn from the skills and knowledge of others.
  • I role model high standards so that people can feel confident in my practice.


  •  I do what I say I’m going to do.
  • I focus on what is right not who is right. I speak up and tell the truth even if there are personal consequences.
  • I am open, honest and say sorry when appropriate.
  • I use equipment, resources and time in an efficient and sustainable way.
  •  I am discreet and sensitive when dealing with confidential information. I challenge others who are not. I protect the privacy and dignity of others.
  • I speak up if there is a risk that deadlines may not be met.

Art4Space currently hold the following, all of which are available upon request:

‘We’re Good To Go’ COVID-19 industry standard and consumer mark

Making Art4Space Safe
Here are the key things that we are doing to make Art4Space Covid-secure based on guidelines from the government.

  • We have decreased capacity to 50% our pre-Covid capacity. Tables and working areas are spaced out.
  • We have fewer classes and workshops and longer turnaround times between services.
  • Doors will be kept open for maximum air circulation.
  • We will be doing tests/ checks on all our staff.
  • We are taking details for track and trace.
  • Face coverings are mandatory in the studio and communal areas, though not if your workshop is in the garden.
  • We will sanitise all touch points and handles continuously throughout the day and sanitise equipment.
  • Studios will be rigorously cleaned and disinfected daily.

~ Arts Award Centre certification – Art4Space can offer Discover, Explore, Bronze and Silver Arts Awards.

~ National Open College Network registered.

~ PQASSO (Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations).

~ Art4Space CV and individual artists CV’s.

~ Proudly a London Living Wage Employer

~ Portfolios of projects and press articles.

~ References and Testimonials.

~ Healthy workplace certificate.

~ Current clear enhanced DBS Checks.

~ Several training and course certifications and qualifications.

~ Current First Aid Certification.

~ Full Driving Licences.

~ Public Liability Insurance.

~ Eli and Julie are qualified Mental Health First Aiders.

We also have policies for:

  • Contingency policy
  • Art and Education policy
  • Code of conduct policy
  • Confidentiality data policy
  • Disability and special needs policy
  • E policy
  • Equal opportunities policy
  • Family friendly policy
  • Green policy
  • Health and safety policy
  • Handling of secure storage policy
  • Recruitment policy
  • Resolving difficulties policy
  • Child protection and safeguarding policy
  • Heathy workplace policy
  • Privacy policy
  • Reserves policyWe carry out risk assessments for every project.

You can read Art4Space’s full privacy policy here: Art4Space privacy policy.

Art4Space are committed to keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum and are advocates for raising environmental awareness in the groups that we work with. Art4Space are members of the local Scrap Scheme and use junk modelling in art workshops. We use bio cleaner, recycle pots for containers and old clothes for cloths, our kiln is energy efficient, we use recycled and reused tiles wherever possible and we fuse reclaimed glass into our mosaics. Art4Space support local businesses and encourage localised volunteering.