International Residencies

We are always looking for opportunities and artist cultural exchanges to undertake residencies abroad.

What an Art4Space project can bring to an organisation or NGO working abroad:

  • An opportunity to bring everyone together on a collaborative project – staff, volunteers, local adults and children.
  • Experienced workshop leaders who can work with all age groups and different abilities and skills.
  • A good knowledge and experience of mosaic as an art form, technical application, flexibility in approach and creative vision.
  • A legacy project for the participants and the wider community which is durable and long lasting.
  • Workshops that create an environment for participants where every individual is nurtured, given confidence and inspiration to develop their skills. The project will benefit and improve relationships within the community.
  • Build links and create social capital (networks, trust and understanding).

Art4Space can cover some costs through providing tools and materials and possibly hosting a fundraising event.



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