Project Ideas


This sundial was commissioned as a gift for a retired Headteacher. We think its a great project idea – the mosaic base can be any size or shape and the mosaic artwork can be designed to reflect or celebrate any occasion.

Love Stops

We made these Love Stops as part of Brixton design trail in 2018. There are 20 of them and they were used as a platform to explore issues the well-being agenda. They were designed and created by our wonderful staff and volunteers. If you are doing an event around well-being these could make a great feature – each one stands alone so they can be dotted anywhere. They are available for hire.


These beautiful ceramic butterflies were designed and created by pupils from Charville Primary school. Each butterfly is unique and they can make a great focus for a community project. They can be fixed onto a wall or made so they can be hung in a community garden.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones make a fantastic focal point for a community garden, public park or can be incorporated into paths. The imagery can be decided by the community group or commissioner and Art4Space can make them round or square. Prices start from £1000


Logos make a great starting point for a mosaic design. Transform your business logo with mosaic. Give your employees a creative experience relevant to your business. Art4Space can create the logo with their own team of artists or can run a workshop for your employees at their studios or in your office space. Prices start from £1000.

Memory Bricks

These ceramic bricks provide a fantastic platform to celebrate memories, thoughts or important moments by imprinting text into clay. Earliest memory projects in primary schools open up great discussion amongst children and teachers.

Prices start from £1000.


Art4Space can create welcome signs with the name of your organisation. Created together with participants you can achieve a unique artwork tailored to your environment. These signs in Lambeth vary between £500 – £3500 inclusive.

Swimming Pools 

Art4Space can design and create a mosaic feature for your swimming pool. Prices start from  £1200 – size of image varies but approximately 1.2metres by 0.6metres. Art4Space create the image at their studio and deliver.


Art4Space can bring this popular playground game to your playground or park transferred to mosaic by local residents. Through design, workshops and installation of hopscotch paving slabs this would be a total cost of £2400.

Animal sculpture for your School

Choose from a range of 3-dimensional animal sculptures which capture the essence of endangered species (Penguin, Elephant, Hippo, Pig, Dolphin, Giraffe or Frog). Each animal acts as a blank canvas to engage participation in creative activities that can develop skills and build confidence.

Receive your fibreglass sculpture of choice and education pack and have an Art4Space artist/teacher facilitate the project throughout. We will take on all project management and deliver the programme to a high standard, taking the participants through consultation, design, creation and completion of sculpture. We will bring everything needed to make your project a success.

COST: This frog cost £350 for artist fees  x 1 day (inc materials) however each animal varies slightly so please contact us for pricing or if you have any further queries!


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