Mosaic in A Box with Work

Are your colleagues still working from home?
Why not pull everyone together with creative community spirit and get everyone to receive a ‘Mosaic in a Box’!

You provide a list of addresses and we post for you, then at a given time via Zoom, we bring everyone together and run through some wellbeing and creative exercises and then move onto a tutorial for ‘Mosaic In A Box’ . Everyone can create together and showcase afterwards.

The theme can be set by the shape of the template we provide. Everything you need is in the box. Just join the session together.

Contact to book your boxes and tutorial today!

You can also as part of CSR donate same number of boxes to a charity, great way to help those who can’t afford our boxes and a way to make your team connected!


“Thank you and the team at Art4Space for organising such a great session last Thursday. I really enjoyed making the mosaic it was nice to do something creative during the lunch hour.”

“Thank you again for hosting this session – a really absorbing and relaxing hour and as a family, we are already planning on making some mosaic presents for family for Christmas!”

“Thanks for organising this session, it was fabulous and very relaxing!”

“Thank you for organising the Art4Space Mosaic session last week – it was great fun and a chance to take some time out of the work day and focus on something creative and relaxing.  I really enjoyed it.”