Teambuilding Days

Looking for a creative team building activity that has a benefit to your local community?

As a leading, award winning community art organisation with over 15 years’ experience your team will have a dynamic creative day that will have maximum community benefit. You will learn the art of mosaic by making a piece of work that will benefit a local community organisation. For example a notice board for a youth club, a chess board for a local park or a sign for a community centre.

Team building benefits of this activity

Learning together on a collaborative project sits everyone at the same level and overcomes hieraDSCN2765rchies within the work place.

Having a community benefit will boost employee commitment, morale and motivation.

The creative wellbeing exercises will bring staff
together exploring issues around happiness and provide a platform for personal development.

Mosaic is a very therapeutic art form. As the teams relax into their creativity, fun and informal conversations will flow.

How does it work?

Art4Space will match the business to a relevant community organisation and decide on the theme for the art work.

The day can be held at our Community Arts Centre in Stockwell or at the chosen community organisDSCF7386ation.

We will kick off with some creative exercises to bring the group together and set the energy for the day.

Our leaders will show the teams how to cut the tiles and introduce the project. The teams will need to make creative decisions together and there will be a focus to complete the project by the end of the day.

Each morning and afternoon session will start with a dynamic creative/ wellbeing exercise encouraging more integration and opening up topics for discussion.

Cost£65 per head

Minimum 10 and maximum 30 participants

Includes all materials and light refreshments for the day and post day evaluation and images.

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