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Art4Space in your organisation

Our art workshops within the corporate environment are found to be effective team building exercises. Groups or individuals are set tasks which dissolve blocks to creativity and encourage a balanced approach to problem solving. The workshops, set in an informal environment, are tailor made to suit the requirements of your organisation.

Most workplace activity is based on factual assessment and processing. These functions mostly utilise only one hemisphere of the brain. The objective of the day is to give participants an appreciation of individual differences and approaches to problem solving and to use techniques that develop the creative side of the brain. In addition groups end up with a piece of art which all can be proud of.

“…to say thank you for delivering such a great workshop. There has been really positive feedback. We are particularly pleased that it went down so well with members of staff that usually don’t embrace company activities. It was all organised really painlessly.”
Belinda Raynes, Events Director, Banner.

An Art4Space workshop can:

– Improve an individual’s self esteem and motivation
– Improve an individual’s sense of ownership and inclusion in an organisation
– Improve teamwork and communication through working together as a group
– Unlock creative thinking and have an impact on problem solving ability

You can create a mosaic:

– Interior / Exterior
– Wall / Display / Sculptural / Seating
– Any size
– Semi-permanent or permanent
– Individual’s panels put together to create a finished mural
– Or working together to create a finished mural

We can work with:

– A small group
– The whole organisation
– Open access sessions

A few suggestions of mosaic activities:

– Running a workshop to create a gift item, such as mirrors or picture frames to take home
– The design and creation of a mural for the work place e.g reception area
– Tables, coffee tables, large mirrors etc for the work space
– Creating your organisation’s name and logo
– Mosaic seating
– Projects that include staff’s families
– Or an idea of your own!

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