Workplace health

Art4Space in your organisation

Our art workshops within the corporate environment are found to be effective team building exercises and can improve the wellbeing of your staff. Workplace health is becoming a hot topic in government and within the corporate sector. Art4Space have developed three ways to promote the wellbeing of your teams, using art as a vehicle, where most workplace activity is based on factual assessment and processing.

“… thank you for delivering such a great workshop. We are particularly pleased that it went down so well with members of staff that usually don’t embrace company activities. It was all organised really painlessly.”
Belinda Raynes, Events Director, Banner.

Mindful mosaics

– Create mosaics as a team around the 5 or 10 ways of wellbeing
– We come into your offices or premises and run a 2-3 hour mindful challenge – can be for up 100 staff
– Complete mosaic panels to be displayed in your office
– Mindful moments and wellbeing exercises weaved throughout the sessions

Wellbeing in the workplace

– Regular drop-in creative sessions for your staff
– Staff will learn wellbeing excercises and tools to take away
–  Improve the wellbeing of your staff
– Staff will learn new creative skills
– Art4Space have developed two packages – want to know more? Get in touch

Artwork for your office

– Improve teamwork and communication through working together as a group
– Improve an individual’s sense of ownership and inclusion in an organisation
– Create a piece of artwork for your offices- can be an interior or exterior wall- imagery can include the company logo, goals for the company