Away days with a conscience

Get your work team involved with local communities!

Corporate teams can partnership with Art4Space to help create artwork for local community organisations. You will join us for one day of creativity in a shared learning and fun environment  (half days can be arranged).
Art4Space will facilitate and organise the project throughout. We do not expect you to have great skill already as you will receive teaching from our by one of our experienced artistic team.

COST: £45 per head + VAT. The project will be tailored to the size of your team and we can accommodate large teams.

This will include:  Art4Space workshop with your corporate team, liaison with community for design, preparation, transferring artwork to the wall, completion and installation of the artwork, project organisation, administration, advice, meeting with the corporate team, etc.

Art4Space will also provide: Refreshments, all project materials and tools.

Held at our inspiring community arts centre.
We have plenty of community venues we can link with to provide the artwork.

Example of projects: Stepping stones, birdbaths, sundials, noticeboards, wall panels and signage.

Some previous clients: NBC Universal, Comic Relief, Banks, London School of Economics and International Alert.