Community Action Partnership

Your workforce supporting your community with Art4Space

What is Community Action Partnership (CAP)? – A simple way for your business to support your community and give your staff the opportunity to volunteer on locally based legacy projects.

Why CAP?

The UK’s economy could gain £17 billion in value by increasing employee engagement (Leap CR April).
57% of UK employees want their companies to contribute more in the field of CSR (Leap CR April 2011).
74% of the British public think that social and environmental reputation is important when buying a product or service (ipsos MORI September 2009).

Through CAP you will be supporting Art4Space to:

  • Enable individuals to have a meaningful and positive contribution to their community
  • Increase community cohesion
  • Empower communities
  • Teach respect and responsibility for our local environment
  • Improve human capital: skills and creative abilities
  • Provide free activities for the local community
  • Give volunteer opportunities and training in employability

Benefit of CAP for your business:

  • Increase employees’ commitment, morale and motivation
  • Enhance the skills of employees
  • Improve levels of recruitment and retention
  • Improve public image
  • Encourage team building and internal communication
  • Show your employees that they work for a company of which they can be proud
  • Create networks with potential clients and partners
  • Benefit of creative thinking – solving business problems

Benefit of CAP for your employees:

  • Learn new skills and improve existing skills
  • Have the opportunity to work alongside experienced community artists
  • Have a direct impact on communities and the environment
  • Meet new people and mix in teams
  • Explore new situations and challenges through inspiring creative workshops
  • Build self-confidence
  • Enhance the way the individual feels about themselves and their employer
  • Have fun and add variety to the daily work routine

Package 1      
1 staff volunteering day up to 20 staff
1  creative mosaic workshop in the workplace staff make art piece for their offices
Free taster session at mosaic class
Press coverage of the work completed
Cost – £2500

Package 2  ( for housing associations)
1 staff volunteering day up to 20 staff
Local community mosaic – created by local residents working alongside the Art4Space team
Cost – £3890

Package 3  (for businesses to support their local Schools)
1 Staff volunteering day for up to 20 staff                
School mosaic – pupils and staff will design and create a mosaic for their school working with the Art4Space team.
Cost  – £3890

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