Social Action Programme

We have developed three unique accredited complimentary training courses called Social Action Programmes (SAP) using the arts to improve well-being, employability and encourage community leadership.

Creative Remedies

Aims – Use the arts as a tool to improve the well-being of participants and encourage their integration into their wider community.
Who – Long term mental health service users, Lambeth.
What – A ten week programme of activities, one day per week, where participants will learn the skills of mosaic and ceramic, create individual art pieces for show at an end of programme exhibition called ‘Time to Shine’ . Each session will be merged with a well-being programme (already written) and be supported using a well-being toolkit
Qualification – NOCN Unit in design (optional)

Employability and Community Art

Aims – To improve employment opportunities for participants and encourage community leadership
Who – Long term unemployed and low income, disadvantaged young people and adults, Lambeth.
What –  A ten week training course in employability and community art. Course already written and successfully completed 1 year of these courses through Walcot.
Qualification – NOCN level 1 Award (optional)

Creative Enterprise

Aim  – To encourage entrepreneurial activities for participants
Who – Low income, disadvantaged young people and adults in Lambeth.
What  A ten week course, one day per week, where participants will make mosaic and ceramic artwork to sell at a local craft makers market. They will learn about the different aspects of setting up a business. Useful information from HMRC – starting in business
Qualification – NOCN Enterprise Module Award 1 (optional)

Please get in touch if you are a provider who would like us to run these courses for you.