Art Workshops

Art4space run workshops using, a wide variety of materials including  recycled art, withy, clay or paint. Workshops can include community event days and making withy sculptures for festival and processions. We also offer community consultation packages with creative and effective ways to generate ideas from a community to input in a new park development or to feed into planning ideas. Art

4Space also run after school workshops putting together exciting themed programmes for children to learn and express themselves creatively in relation to curriculum topics. We can tailor art workshops  for youth club activities or projects involving older people.

What people have said

“We were lucky enough to have Julie and her team in from Art4Space yesterday to mosaic our 2 elephants for elephant parade 2010. The reason for this is to tell you how great they were, although the complete elephants very clearly speak for themselves. Julie and the team worked so hard with the boys and then stayed on till 6pm to finish up. It was a wonderful day and they deserve a massive reward for how hard they worked and how much they really cared about my boys and the project as a whole”
Charlotte at Romford boys school.

“Art4Space offer unique workshops, an artist led environment for stimulating new ideas bringing the community together. They take people of different skills and experience and bring out their artistic ideas
Hannah Miller 

View a selection of our Art Workshops below: