We catch up with our Creative Manager, Leah, this week.

What do you do at Art4Space and what would you say is the best thing about Art4Space?
I am the Creative Manager at Art4Space, which means I am involved in the design stages of our mosaics as well as the making! I have always loved the Art4Space community. As well as being a creative space , it’s a mutually supportive and nurturing environment which seems to attract wonderful people.

How do you days usually start?
My days usually start earlier than I would like, as unlike myself, my 3-year old Cleo has always been a morning person. She usually demands her milk and I make myself a cup of tea.  At least the mornings have started to get a bit brighter now!

Do you have a personal tips for keeping well during lockdown?
I go through phases of doing this, but I found a gratitude diary is an amazing way to get yourself into a positive mindset. I just write 3 simple things down before going to bed. They can be as simple as talking to a friend or a nice meal, I find it is a great way to reframe the day and shift your thoughts towards the positive.

Is there anything you have discovered that you would like to recommend?
Unexpectedly, I have started to do Suduko! My partner brings the free paper home from work and I do them in the evenings. It seems to give my mind a rest from all the other internal chatter and I am proud to have progressed from the moderate level to the challenging.

What is your favourite home lockdown lunch? 
I am signed up to Oddbox so an inventive lockdown lunch would be any kind of soup.  I have made some bad ones and some better ones!  A good one was a  beetroot, chickpea and coconut milk combination which was delicious!

Are you working on any creative projects? 
I have my own mosaic projects on the go and I have just had a commission to portray a skeleton female musician, so I am looking forward to working on that.

How do you have a “break” or relax in lockdown?
Being at home a lot with my children means the best break for me is when I can escape for a couple of hours! If I can get out at the weekend for a walk I come back feeling more energised to tackle parenting.

Who would you give a shout out to and why?
It would have to be my support bubble Harry. She lives down the road and is a gem of a friend. She makes me laugh, which is always important whatever is going on!


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