We catch up with our Workshop Facilitator, Natti, this week.

What do you do at Art4Space and what would you say is the best thing about Art4Space?
I am a Workshop Facilitator, I facilitate a range of workshops and create a plethora of workshops that reach out to multiple groups of people. The best thing about Art4Space the nurturing environment that is created not only by the space but also the team.

How do you days usually start?My alarm goes of at the same time every day, gotta try to keep that routine, right?! I get up and have a little stretch while waiting for the kettle to boil and make myself a coffee, which I drink while I watch the birds bounce around in the gardens.

Do you have a personal tips for keeping well during lockdown?
Try to schedule in one task so that you don’t feel as though the day has gone by and nothing has been completed, it doesn’t matter how small.  And to spend some time doing a hobby – mine currently is crochet.

Is there anything you have discovered that you would like to recommend?
I am reading Merlin Sheldrake’s book: Entangled Life; How fungi change our minds and shape our futures. There is a secret world under our feet, inside us and on us, that is intrinsic to our life and this planet!

What is your favourite home lockdown lunch?
I have been perfecting the tuna melt, there was a coffee shop I used to go to many moons ago called Moonbow Jakes, it no longer exists, before y’all go googling it. I have many fond memories there and it had the best tuna melt on the Planet. I’m not quite there… but close!

Are you working on any creative projects?
I often have many things on the go I have been playing with creating some jewelry, as well as crocheting slipper socks.

How do you have a “break” or relax in lockdown?
I have always been a bit of an introvert so I’m enjoying my space and time. I have got my old PlayStation 2 up and running, so I’ve been fooling around with that, listening to different podcasts and taking extra care of houseplants.

Who would you give a shout out to and why
Niall Breslin! If you are reading this your ‘Where is My Mind’ podcast is brilliant! Thanks for creating a frank and punk rock guide to mindfulness that explores different topics related to it. Thanks Niall and the person who recommended it me. I love it!


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