We catch up at home with Julie, the co-founder and managing director at Art4Space.

Being one of the Art4Space founders – what do you love about Art4Space?
One of the most compelling things about my work is the people I meet and work alongside. Creative value is at the heart of Art4Space, all those engaged with our services come and explore the way!

How do you start your day?
I like to start my day with a strong black coffee to fuel me through morning emails and setting priorities and tasks for the day.

What’s your personal lockdown tip?

I would say take time to switch off your screens. Understandably, everything at the moment has gone virtual: endless webinars, zooms and teaching online tutorials. It means I am on my computer for full days and I miss the real life vibe at the studio. So I recommend turning away from the computer and getting a blast of nature with a mindful walk.  For me, I meet a friend for a stroll in the park with my dog.

Is there anything you have discovered that you would like to recommend?
If you don’t already know it, take a look at the insight timer app.  It’s free and you can connect with some of the best mindfulness teachers.  It has a feature where you can set a bell on your computer every hour or so – it’s a great way to remind yourself to have a stretch and a breather.

What is your favourite home lockdown lunch?
Well I should be saying a good healthy salad, but in reality it’s the kids leftovers! But my favourite would be having my lunch made for me with a cup of tea and biscuit to complete.

Are you working on any creative projects?
When I can squeeze in time for a creative project, I like to make my fused glass tiles and have been developing some products to sell.

Who would you give a shout out to and why?
A big thanks to my co director, Eli.  Art4Space keeps going and going against all the adversity and changing landscape with Covid19. This is only through sheer commitment, hard graft and dedication.


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