We have lately been looking back at our bespoken mosaic projects this year. Under the hashtag #BespokeMosaic we have told the story behind our bespoken mosaic commissions. Here is a look at the three stories we’ve been telling:


Kate MorossStudio Moross is our studio neighbour and loves the work we do for our community. Working closely with Studio Morross, we developed the design using bespoke ceramic pieces to create her logo. We absolutely love the vibrant 80’s shapes and colours!

Our studio manager Louise used a lot of time on the mosaic as each piece is hand made with clay that was fired in our kiln and individually hand painted.
This was an important touch as Studio Moross wanted their logo to come off with the colourful 80’s vibe.

20171204_165915 20180110_160729 20180110_171103 20180122_164949 20180124_104619 20180129_153006

Mosaic and ceramic work is a great way to bring colour and life into a space.
We are so happy that Studio Moross gave us this opportunity to work with their logo.
Louise says:
“It has been an absolute please working on this vibrant logo for Studio Moross and Kate. I hope we can do something together again in the future!”

DSC_0666 DSC_0668 DSC_0671DSC_0662 DSC_0663 DSC_0665


This piece was part of a project to re-brand a coffee shop into a tapas bar.
Bar 31 at The Shard had decided to change their branding and wanted Art4Space to create a mosaic piece for their new tapas bar.
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Louise and Maya created a large part of the Shard mosaic in our studio, but customers got involved in making it during the last week of installation.
The artwork was a celebration of the local area and we used tiles from the river.
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We truly enjoyed making this mosaic with Bar 31 and involving their customers. The artwork gives the bar a new identity and attracts new customers.

We love it when out clients have a vision but let us be creative with them. It’s also lovely when they allow us to involve their community
so they feel an ownership over the artwork.
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Brilliance in Bloom at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show mosaic piece was to tying together a garden design.
Mosaic is a great way to bring colours into a garden, and we are very pleased mosaic freelancer, Nickie Bonn, wanted to work with us for this.

Louise and Leah designed the mosaic, while Nicke continued the design and project managed the project for ‘Brilliance in Bloom’ at the RHS.
RHS inspoWhat’s great with mosaic as an art form is that you can use it inside and outside. It’s great to give colours and design to walls, floors, driveways, stepping stones and sculptural. We can also add mirror reflective and use found objects!
Nickie continued the design and project managed the rest of the artwork for ‘Brilliance in Bloom’ at the RHS.


We were really pleased when we heard ‘Brilliance in Bloom’ received silver medal from Royal Hampton Court Flower Show with good remarks about the garden mosaic. Mosaic works fantastically outside, bringing colours especially to gardens.
RHS collage silver medal

This was a great project to join the project manager and freelance mosaic artist Nickie Bonn on.
We hope we can have more projects with her in the near future. Look forward to her next RHS idea together with Charlie Bloom .

If you have any ideas of something you want to get done in
your own home, garden, business, premises, etc. do not hesitate to get in touch!
We can get you a bespoke mosaic, with either your concrete ideas and mood board, or give us your ideas and we will work with you from there!

E-mail jewels@art4space.co.uk or call 07816 386270, we will give you a free consultation and invite you to our studio to get your mind flowing!