(From left to right: Marsha De Cordova, Bunmi Richards, Adanabi Sokhna)

The whole school and wider school community were involved:

Community art is made by a community for its community, and Shaftesbury Park Primary School is the heart of the Shaftesbury Park Estate. To celebrate the long history of the area children, parents and members of the local community have worked with artists to create a mural representing the journey of the school – from the lavender fields the site once was to the dynamic bilingual and enterprise curriculum currently on offer at Shaftesbury Park Primary School today.

The mosaic was officially opened by the local MP Marsha De Cordova who cut the red ribbon and talked to the children about how inspiring the mosaic is and how it represents the life of the community. Parents, children and local residents all discussed what the mosaic means to them and how it celebrates the local community.

The younger children made ceramic pieces and the upper primary children created the mosaic. They cut the tiles, made design and colour decisions and worked together piece by piece. The local wider community got involved through an open access sessions – many parents and teachers had a go too! The mosaic was then completed by a team of artists and volunteers from Art4Space.

Mosaic and ceramic is a great medium to use in school projects, both are durable mediums which don’t fade over time. The mosaic work allowed the children to work with different materials which brought texture, depth and an interactive quality to the finished art work. The ceramic work allowed the younger years to really get involved, with the older children learning the techniques of formal mosaic making.


“The collaboration of mosaic and ceramic artworks have exceeded my expectations and has created the perfect backdrop to our playground.” Debbie-Ann McKenzie-Arday – Teacher

“I love the way the whole school was involved.” James Cousins – Parent

“This is such a celebration and achievement for our school.” Bunmi Richards – Headteacher

“I visited the school earlier in the year and helped paint a few of the tiles, along with my cousin. They have now been put on the most amazing mosaic which is on the playground wall.  I’m impressed!” Pat Diment – Local Resident

“Whatever artistic talents or interests, it’s important that we make the most of any opportunity that gives children the chance to learn, develop and expand creativity.” Julie Norburn – director Art4Space.
Shaftsbury community workshop
Local resident Pat Diment painting a piece of the mosaic

shaftsbury installation
The mosaic installation

shaftesbury looking
The mosaic installation

Pictures from the opening cermony